Monday, April 28, 2008

Ordinary Miracles

Didn't really plan on posting this evening but suddenly started feeling very thankful for the little things, the small details that often go unnoticed in a day. I send this tag out there to any of you who would like to try a "Top...Whatever" list too. In an effort to count our blessings, we're going to try and do this every week or so- join in if you'd like! So, here's my top ten ordinary miracles for today:

1...That Joe will be home after a four day business trip in a matter of moments and I have butterflies.
2... That when I walked out to the mailbox tonight I looked down to find a grinning little girl walking beside me.
3...That even though I've read "Corduroy's Snow Day" at least a dozen times today it was requested again at bedtime. And all to get to the part where they drink hot chocolate- "YUM!"
4...That for the first time in a long time I'm going to watch a movie while I wait ("The Notebook," a free library rental as opposed to doing bills!)
5... That stove popped popcorn, my favorite way to fix it, makes the whole house smell delicious (maybe why I opted for the movie?)
6...That Tucker sits protectively beside me anytime Joe is away... and he hasn't peed in the garage all week.
7...That Hope and I got to enjoy good company and delicious Cuban food last night thanks to some sweet friends.
8...That I must be carrying a world class gymnast from all the movement that constantly goes on in there.
9...That a warm shower and a little time to think can make me feel like a new person.
10...That I haven't thrown this computer out the window for how slow it's been lately- after all, we've caught up with some "long lost" colleagues and friends thanks to this little blog!

Nest, Nest, Nesting

With both pregnancies, whether I’ve been working in or out of the home, I’ve had some strong nesting urges. I consider it a great and fun privilege to piece together the nursery. But I mean some days I want to do all things I’ve ever wanted to try. Like playing the guitar. Sewing sundresses, curtains, bags, oh so cute things like my friend Sarai. Building things like my dad and brother-- wouldn't it be grand to turn a pile of wood into tables, dressers, chairs? Cooking like some combo of Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. Photographing like Ansel Adams. And why not add to this little list becoming a master gardener… composting and the whole organic deal?

But then reality. By this point in the pregnancy I can get pretty tired, especially with a certain vivacious toddler running around. There are also only so many hours in the day with a good number of them already spoken for. So, my solution? We will continue to enjoy our days doing the things we do. Yet, we will aim to get some tomatoes and lettuce out of them.

First, the tomatoes and the necessary tools… hmm, I think these are the necessary tools (they are at least the ones recommended to me at Lowes that I could get with my ten bucks off).

My lovely assistant demonstrating how we should all try to carry things that are WAY too heavy for us (Where does she get it, I do wonder? Just ask Joe about the water balloon incident back in the day when I was trying to “impress” him. Case in point, he laughed at me as soon as I typed that!)

Lovely assistant filling in soil for starting our tomatoes indoors.

And lovely assistant watering her shoes (with her gardening tools thanks to Auntie Brooke with whom we will NOT share the harvest, much to her delight!) Actual tomato seeds to be watered by me at a later time.

Finally, a little windowsill sunlight and a prayer… grow babies grow! We want to eat you in many a salad this summer.

ps- Thanks for all the sweet words about starting this blog! We welcome and enjoy your feedback.

Why Hello, Hello!

Pictures and Stories.

These have always been by far two of my favorite things. In fact, falling in love with my husband Joe was a done deal when I discovered piles of albums stashed in his dorm room (captioned and everything, in his boy-ey way, but still!) and enough stories to rival the sunrise. Which is exactly what happened… I brought over my albums and we stayed up all night looking at old photos, crying and laughing about old stories. Can you say I was smitten? Seven years, and three moves, and two children, and one crazy dog later you could say I was… I am.

Which brings me to why we are finally starting a blog of our own! A couple of years back several of my close friends really started blogging, and I wanted to jump right in- yet, it never quite happened (hint, hint- rev back up, girls!) But seeing as how I LOVE reading the stories of others on their blogs and it being a great creative outlet for writing (that knows no time of day or night and, hallelujah, no pressures or deadlines!)… not to mention, it also makes for a fun place to catch up with family and friends on different streets and continents, in different states and cities… well then, why not? On this rainy and stormy day good for starting such things (which is also helping Hope to take the longest nap in history) I declare, let the blogging begin!

May this little chunk of cyberspace be a blessing to you. And may these hands help me out along the way…