Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Nuggets

 photo 1157685_10101058453153748_1467079124_n_zps63a4875a.jpg
Hugs for my tuckered out girl.

Nuggets, bits.

Same diff.

No big words tonight.  Pulling out a synonym for my weekly (monthly, whenever-ly I can get to writing them) bits was enough of a challenge.  I feel a little like Leesie in that above picture, her legs worn out from joyfully running and climbing.  Around me sits a half emptied mop bucket, piles of laundry, lesson plans, phone lists, and more.  Lots more.

And it's after midnight.

Naturally, I'm stopping to do this.

All I want tonight are slices of happiness dropped in a row, smiling back at me as I cut and paste.

In 3...



Ahhh (exhale).
  photo Fall2013012_zps20166142.jpg  photo Fall2013043_zpsad893898.jpg  photo Fall2013022_zps19379376.jpg  photo Fall2013017_zps87113d61.jpg  photo appleorchard_zps0c0ce405.jpg  photo 1234988_10101058453867318_251481845_n_zps4c2d249a.jpg  photo Fall2013033_zps3d612f4d.jpg  photo Fall2013035_zps51f26e82.jpg  photo Fall2013009_zpse5fdf8f7.jpg  photo Fall2013010_zps3746ae3e.jpg

 photo FirstDayofSchool033_zpsd5b21bf1.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool034_zps476bac71.jpg
\ photo Fall2013007_zps4cabb7b4.jpg  photo Fall2013008_zps7b29d837.jpg  photo 1185769_10101052162255758_595366501_n_zpscf4c5a03.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool088_zpsc25f2649.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool082_zps47821fe0.jpg  photo 1239529_10101058447794488_1655554151_n_zpsec74af3a.jpg  photo 1236679_10101058448842388_678031228_n_zps814dc7fb.jpg  photo 11212_10101058448787498_632992372_n_zps7b65b6d1.jpg  photo 1234204_10101058448577918_669785619_n_zps9c322745.jpg  photo 954822_10101058448208658_803620896_n_zpsa1ef7370.jpg   photo 943299_10101058450144778_1074237628_n_zps9fcbcad5.jpg  photo 73595_10101058448073928_568624645_n_zps21eac39c.jpg
 photo 1239618_10101058448737598_572986482_n_zps3adf66f6.jpg  
Apple orchard'ing.  Play writing, directing, performing. Mama's shoes wearing.  Soccer playing. Downtown festival going. Homeschooling. 

Something accomplished.

Now, off to fold many piles of little unmentionables.

With a smile on my face.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bits: Finishing, Beginning

Summer, despite today's 90 degree temps, is dwindling.  The Bucket List coming down.

We successfully put happy, thick lines through many of our little goals.  We made s'mores, painted our nails fun colors, baked a fresh cherry pie.  We read outside on blankets, watercolored nature scenes, and strolled our baby dolls to a nearby park.  We did lots of things like this and there are several we never seemed to quite manage.

I suppose that's just the way it goes with dreams, parts of them go so splendidly and fully realized.  There isn't always room for it all, but there is room to celebrate what was.

And the weekend before school was grand.
 photo SummerStyle2013109_zps2ddc14eb.jpg
 photo SummerStyle2013107_zpsd9303d30.jpg   photo SummerStyle2013111_zpsca069cf0.jpg  photo SummerStyle2013112_zps70fe2c71.jpg  photo SummerStyle2013114_zpsb5db6bfc.jpg
 photo SummerStyle2013117_zps5ff7a9b8.jpg  
Hiking through a nearby island. Ice-cream truck pit stop. Buffet style dinner and a family movie.  Swimming with friends and more.

Summer is finishing, fall beginning.  This means a slight change in direction for our family, but a purposeful one.  In what we hope to be a continuing annual tradition, we held our "Back to School Feast" to mark the hopeful direction we plan to travel.

This year's theme a close one to my heart.
 photo FirstDayofSchool040_zps0e6564fb.jpg

:: More sparkly dinner touches.
 photo FirstDayofSchool051_zpsc2d8c1bb.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool039_zps7a2f1144.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool038_zps1ee7b138.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool047_zps34202947.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool043_zpsf61d4658.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool042_zpseca71f87.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool054_zpscca3bd65.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool053_zps8f81494a.jpg
Favorite traditions continue: New school supplies, one back to school outfit (all sparkly or star-like this year!) to be modeled directly after dinner, and new kicks for all those fall/winter adventures.  This year's meal: butternut squash lasagna, Caesar salad, their oft-requested homemade bread, lemonade with strawberry puree.

:: Followed by bright and shiny first-thing-in-the-morning details.
 photo FirstDayofSchool002_zpscba587bf.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool2_zps437af333.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool030_zps005adf61.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool055_zps74b541b8.jpg
Backyard donut breakfast with another family. Play time on scooters and bikes. Back inside for the fun and sometimes difficult task of figuring out the day's new tempo. Getting it, messing up, going again... always learning.

Beyond the traditions and the glittery sheen, the endings and beginnings-- there is reality. A beautiful, hard-won reality that I have an awesome privilege and responsibility with these three and the others God puts in my path. Not only are there ABC's and 123's to be tucked inside little heads, not only are there fantastic creative opportunities to be seized-- there is the matter of serving, loving, giving, sharing, becoming all that God means for us to be. Our family needs to be in the business of shining, truly radiating, from the inside out.

Looking forward to our new year and figuring out just what that means together, at home and in our community and beyond.

Matthew 5:14-16,