Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bits: Glorious & Messy

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Glory, she is something else.

Dusting off this little blog of mine tonight.

It's late, too late, to be uploading and click-clacking my way through a post but I cannot help it.  It's been a busy day, and I need to unwind.

Pictures and words are the perfect cure.
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::Before all of the things merry and Decembery bright, there was an anniversary.  A big one.
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Our idea of date night is typically to put the girls to bed, eat something yummy and watch a movie-- often while folding laundry.  I love these simple nights.  But for the celebration of ten years, Joe did it up right.  He surprised me with two nights (!!) at the hotel where we were engaged while my Mom watched our girls.  We slept in, we ate delicious food across downtown Asheville, we poured over books and lovely junk in my favorite old dives, we found the perfect handpainted Nativity for our girls and Pepsi in glass bottles and Wolverine's claws.  We talked and laughed and marveled at God's grace to make it through ten years of love, laughter, arguments, forgiveness, little girls, big moves, and even bigger dreams.
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Ten years of this glorious, messy life we've created... together.

::And before the jingle bells, there was Thanksgiving.  I love that Thanksgiving precedes the Christmas season.  It just feels right to prepare our hearts with gratefulness for the lavish love we could neither buy nor earn, no matter how hard we could ever try.  A free gift, though definitely not cheap-- our Savior and the price He willingly paid.
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Bad weather had us leave NC early and miss our trip up North completely, but it was a pretty precious day at home.  Sometimes the unexpected has its way like that-- its War and Pictionary playing, dancing, mantle decorating, making a meal of our favorite things way.  Hope summed it up best when she said, "We may not have gotten to be with everyone we love today but this has been just about the greatest Thanksgiving ever."

::December is here.There has been a recital about the meaning of Christmas and a trip to an authentic tea room with friends.   There has been Nana in town for a week which meant gingerbread baking, ornament making, and visiting library Santa with Mexican food after.  There have been Kindness Elves and advent readings and a daily stable full of friends.  There have been too-tired evenings and memory making gone mad.  There has been many a picture.
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There has been, best of all, more of this glorious messy life... together.

With Joy,
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