Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bits: Accidentally On Purpose

I'm in a mood, to bang out a post, to count up the bits.

Hadn't really planned on much computer time tonight, so I'm sort of on here accidentally-- yet the recollecting and counting and savoring...

That's totally on purpose.

From here to there over the last few weeks:

:: Ballet recital.  Oh my, my, my.  Tutus and twirling.  Maddie's face alone while doing the "pony walk" move!  Getting to wear the faintest hint of make-up for the first time, bobby pinning buns, sharing the love of Jesus through dance.  I was totally meant to be a Mama to this, even when I'm sweating like a you-know-what in the tiny bathroom before the performance trying to tame the twirlers for all of the above.  FYI: Alysse's turn comes next year, Lord willing, and she is all but driving herself to get her own leotard.
 photo Summer2013009_zps975a0567.jpg  photo Summer2013025_zps73a6970a.jpg  photo Summer2013012_zps82d91f3c.jpg  photo Summer2013023_zpsb94206f3.jpg
:: In reference to the ballet, I am also thankful for sunflowers on manager's special.  They are my girls' favorite flower and it felt too splurgey to get some when Joe had already bought a beautiful rainbow of roses, but for a dollar?  A little kiss from God.

:: The past weeks have held some accidental field trips.  Afternoons where it was much too pretty to just sit inside (our messy, half packed, driving me a little batty) house so off I go to google and minutes (give or take) later, we're in the van.  My favorite, with no pics to show for it, was an hour venture to a mountaintop zoo.  Seriously, a zoo up on top of a mountain?  Who knew?  And it was just small enough, but just large enough that I could handle my troops and we learned a lot.  A memory tucked right in there with the really good ones.

:: After that accident, we had another on purpose.  Spending Earth Day with my female brood of superheroes at some hide-a-way botanical gardens.  Met two wonderful women that day who surprised me with their generosity and warmth.  The first gave us free reign to catch tadpole after tadpole and to climb high in her magnolias.
 photo Summer2013049_zpsef25eedc.jpg  photo Summer2013033_zps52e582bd.jpg  photo Summer2013061_zps34452fd1.jpg  photo Summer2013059_zpsae78eb10.jpg
The second allowed me to spend my only $10 bill on homegrown tomatoes (it is my ethical duty to never pass up a homegrown tomato) and honey, but couldn't stand me leaving without us sampling the homemade garlic pickles, pickled okra, and still warm fried apple pie.  For free.  I felt that second kiss, and it was sweet.  Makes me want to be the surprise to someone who needs to be a wee bit shocked at some extra generosity or warmth.

:: And now I pause to welcome back warm days.  Picnics!  Parks!  Kites!  Airplanes toward the sky!  The creek! Meltdowns over the right color bicycle or bubble wand! You have {almost} all been sorely missed.
 photo Summer2013063_zps120386c8.jpg  photo Summer2013067_zpsc15223eb.jpg  photo Summer2013077_zps547ccbe7.jpg
:: When a good bit of life kind of seems unpredictable, I find that if I take captive that nervous energy and take comfort in the things that make me smile at my core-- I can not fly off the handle so easily regain perspective and peace more quickly.  First attempts at homemade ice-cream.  Shoving aside boxes to find room for a tablecloth and flowers, a simple nourishing meal before us.  Reading so many chapters of a favorite book that we practically forget we're not actually right alongside Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace on the prairie.  These make me tick, both encountered as an accident and as the product of on purpose.
 photo Summer2013030_zpsf3f55f36.jpg  photo Summer2013027_zps130fe720.jpg
:: Children, acting grown, with their sayings.  Just a sampling.

Hope: Puh-leeze, be more pacific. (specific)
Maddie: These tights are so con-stra-ickting! (constricting)
Alysse: That is ca-wrecked! (correct)

I could do a lot more banging on this keyboard, but the momentum has dwindled.  As it is with most good natured accidents, though, I feel a greater pull toward my purpose.  Counting blessings has a way of doing that.

I go to bed with my head full of them, on purpose.

   photo Summer2013007_zpsc6b92d4f.jpg 
The "Pony Walk" face.  You're welcome!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Authored by Hope

So much good, happy, busy going on.

A little, or maybe a decent bit, of the other stuff too.

All of it trusted to work out for our good.

The other day Hope out-of-the-blue brought me a story that led to happy tears, true to her anticipated ending.  I didn't edit a thing except for some spelling and minor punctuation.

And so, my girl's voice captured here.

The Adventures That We Have
By Hope Eliana Martins

When I came out of your tummy, I was as cute as cute could be!
 photo hopeybirth_zps025006bf.jpg
Then you brought me home.  I learned about the world.
 photo hopey_zps7dc56127.jpg
I soon grew up to laugh and play.  But there was something missing.
 photo IMG_1163_zps4ba4b026.jpg
 photo maddiesbirthday_zpsb4dff480.jpg
We brought her home.
 photo IMG_2171_zpsbb5d06f4.jpg
We grew up and laughed and played. But there was still something missing.
 photo handa4_zpsbd3bc566.jpg
 photo handa5_zps4810cbd7.jpg
 photo alyssebirthday_zps47623c1b.jpg  photo AlysseandHope_zps0d64ab34.jpg  photo allgirls_zpsbcaf9a56.jpg
We are bigger now, but we will always remember.
 photo Spring2013026_zps55c1386f.jpg
I hope this story brought tears to your eyes, but if it did not, I love you Mama!

Sweet child of mine.

She's pretty good at capturing the bits.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bits: Hosanna in Rewind

It's almost Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday.  One of my favorite holidays {holy-days} in all the year.

So many reasons to shout Hosanna!

::  Resurrection Rolls.  A new tradition; such a great visual and so easy. 

:: We thought this was our last snow.
 photo WinterII2013005_zps9ce93676.jpg
 photo WinterII2013006_zps2fefc5ec.jpg
:: Yet, Palm Sunday brought this.  A lot of this.
 photo Spring2013018_zps2da4f27c.jpg  photo Spring2013021_zpsbe6c5c4b.jpg
:: New life.  Bunnies, butterflies, eggs.  The cross.
 photo Spring2013003_zps1b768404.jpg
Made by the girls to share with our small group.

:: Officially front tooth-less.  So excited.  First t-ball practice.  So very excited!
 photo HopeT-Ball002_zps9fb60d15.jpg
:: The day before Palm Sunday, sunny and beautiful.  Perfect for egg decorating and hunting, plus sharing in a  Resurrection Egg retelling that a sweet family hosts every year.
 photo Spring2013006_zps6593f8a5.jpg  photo Spring2013012_zpsa0387edb.jpg  photo Spring2013015_zpsbb6078c3.jpg  photo Spring2013017_zps6e1ffcc4.jpg
The girls remembering on the way home how much they all love hard boiled eggs.  Not quite as precious, but pretty hysterical (once I got over all the egg shells).

:: Making up worship songs and dances atop the picnic table.  Having no idea I'm spying out of the kitchen widow.
 photo Spring2013002_zps2304c90c.jpg
:: Fancy Nancy reading in Hope's tent she got for her birthday.  The thing stayed up for two days and saw lots of pretend camp outs, books, and a movie night.  Grand finale: A real living room camp out complete with very late bedtimes.
 photo Spring2013005_zpsc109a92e.jpg

Hosanna!  He is risen.

So much more glorious than any other story this earth could tell.  This story amazes me, most especially, because it doesn't speak to the kind of Savior the world would create.

I want to see Him, His goodness in everything this week.

Here's to hoping for wide-eyed living and unashamed praises all along the way.

Life gets so busy sometimes, the good and the not-so-good.  Even still, Easter weekend left many more reasons for hosanna.  Best to just go on and attach 'em here, rewind-and-picture-drop style.  I love this beautiful Sunday-- remembering His glorious sacrifice, dying eggs on Nana's special plates, singing next to my family on the pew in the church where we were married, creative baking, lovely lunching, throwing with uncles, recycled scavenger hunt for finding baskets in the barn, egg hunting among first and second cousins and great aunts and uncles.
 photo Spring2013028_zpse5bb8f55.jpg  photo Spring2013031_zpsc5c509da.jpg  photo Spring2013039_zpsef7a08d9.jpg  photo Spring2013042_zps18a4901b.jpg  photo Spring2013043_zpsc753f8ec.jpg  photo Spring2013050_zps8a0ef5e7.jpg  photo Spring2013045_zps262ad1bf.jpg  photo Spring2013032_zps2b6a48ad.jpg  photo Spring2013060_zpsfb7426c8.jpg  photo Spring2013056_zps7d5d5224.jpg
Yes, hosanna in the highest.
 photo Spring2013038_zpsa7311898.jpg