Monday, June 17, 2013

Bits: Starting With Three

Been a while.

Where to begin?

So many bits dancing around in my head.

Some big, some small.

Probably best to start simply, but importantly.

Our baby girl turned three.

 photo IMG_6414_zpseccdfd1b.jpg
Yes, three.

An easy morning at a nearby pick-your-own patch.
 photo IMG_6268_zpsfe78fdd1.jpg
The knee high view of us girls from l to r: Leesie, me, Madds, Hopey, and Nana.

Strawberry cupcakes in pink pin stripe, chocolate in red and white polka-dot.
 photo IMG_6138_zpsadcd3276.jpg
Homemade vanilla ice-cream in just about any kind of cone imaginable.
 photo IMG_6258_zpsb821fae6.jpg
Shared with a sweet birthday buddy, born just three days before our growing girl.
 photo IMG_6418_zpscff46132.jpg  photo IMG_6514_zps240c8070.jpg
Alysse telling me, "I wanna hold your hand, Mama!" all throughout the party.
 photo IMG_6190-001_zpsec8396d8.jpg
 A ride by the cows on the tractor-train, a dollar a pop.
 photo IMG_6387_zps2cf5146e.jpg
Worth a million bucks to see their smiles, tickets in hand
 photo 975687_10100876889144478_913694867_n_zps02fcb332.jpg
Sandbox, swings, bean bag tossing, meandering, and bubble blowing for those waiting their turn.
 photo IMG_6216_zps0205deaf.jpg
The grand finale coming by way of pint sized baskets each tied with twine to say, "Thank you berry much!" on their way to being filled by small hands.
 photo IMG_6788_zps2328f9be.jpg
How much do you love a photo attempt of little people?

Nana hearing over and again, "Follow the birf-day girl! I'll show you the bestest ones."
 photo IMG_6800_zpsd4178465.jpg
Precious memories of a lovely day, tucked close to our hearts.
 photo 974012_10100876994857628_1657683443_n_zps5abf77eb.jpg
Hardly believing it can be true.

 photo IMG_6819_zps95370b45.jpg
Yes, three.
Alysse Maribeth,

How do I describe the joy you are to Daddy, your sisters, and I?

At three you still love one object above any other, your beloved "Baby."  And still you love to pull your paci out of its daytime hiding spot beside your bed, announce it by color, and tuck it in your mouth as you drift off to sleep.  You have moved to the bottom bunk underneath your big sister Maddie and you are ready to start seriously using the potty (Now if Mama could only get her act together!)  You love to eat frozen blueberries, dried apricots, corn on the cob, homemade bread, and just about any kind of pasta or sauce.  Pretty sure you have never met a cookie you didn't like to help bake (best egg cracker ever!) and sample.

At three you still have the best grin and an awesome laugh.  You can be sensitive and crazy thoughtful, like an old soul in that little body with cascading brown hair.  You love for us to read books and will sit for a long time curled into mine or Daddy's side.  To see you dance, particularly your "ballet moves"... why, it's a wonder dear girl how we do not simply kiss you to your death.

Your heart is big, your tantrums typically few and usually short-lived; you spend the majority of your day happily playing on your own or with your sisters.   You take great delight in a "boo-tiful" dress or a twirly gown and you are not a fan of spiders or "scawy" snakes.  You are so much fun to be around and every single one of us beams with pride in you at one point or another each day.

Three years ago you came to join our family.

We are ever so glad God made that happen.

Love you, as you say, "BIG much! Not little much. Biiiiiig much! Like to Pluto and back."

At Least,
Mama and Daddy too
*Thanks to some good friends for these photos!