Friday, October 18, 2013

Bits: Waiting

Alysse waited two whole years before getting to attend her very own first ballet class, in her very own first pair of ballet slippers.  Last year she was sure it was her year to show off "the moves" at our little ballet co-op, but classes start at three years-old.

She was a sad girl.

But I watched her when I gave her the welcome letter from her first teacher, Miss Abby.  And again at the dance store, getting fitted for those pink leather shoes.  And yet again the afternoon when I could finally say, "Which tutu would YOU like to wear?"

You know, I noticed something.

There is joy in the waiting.  Sometimes, perhaps, the joy doesn't really feel in, but more like after, the waiting.  Although, in order for that to be possible, there had to be fragments of joy there all along.  The looking-forward-to slowly building to a beautiful crescendo.

Something you can really dance to.
 photo 84a899bf-7f39-4e57-89c1-9c5971948317_zpse918b355.jpg  photo FirstDayofSchool061_zpsb4407e0f.jpg
Big sisters were totally stoked for her.  Once we arrived I stood outside the door watching her quietly take it all in, with her Leesie ways. Tears silently falling, which must have looked a little strange next to my perma-grin.

Joe and I have felt in a waiting period for some time now in certain ways, big ways, close to our heart ways.  In the last weeks and months, we have seen some of that waiting begin to pay off.

And, oh.

There's joy that I'm figuring out was there. Something good to remember for all the inevitable waiting that we have in store.

Some bits.

And loads of pictures.

A favorite combination.

:: I love to throw a good shower, especially for someone I just love.
 photo Fall2013069_zps83a4bfa4.jpg  photo Fall2013057_zpsce42c1ec.jpg  photo Fall2013063_zpsf7dcde7c.jpg  photo Fall2013062_zps9701e3c8.jpg   photo Fall2013072_zps2507caa0.jpg  photo Fall2013066_zps241d1917.jpg  photo Fall2013054_zpse0b80899.jpg  photo Fall2013088_zps96b37970.jpg
 photo Fall2013075_zpsbef02fcf.jpg  
Topping the list of memories: My girls putting on a handmade puppet play behind the counter and ending with several songs including "Jesus Loves Me" and "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."  Still makes my heart smile.

:: That shower was for a beloved cousin who finally married her high school sweetheart a couple of weekends ago.  Talk about a waiting crescendo... the tippity top of a mountain, in all the glory of fall.  In no small feat all three of my girls dropped fist fulls of wildflowers, picked by the bride herself, as I looked on from down the line of sweet women who were asked to stand alongside her that day.
 photo Fall2013205_zps89ea1300.jpg  photo Fall2013197_zps8b8ccf82.jpg  photo Fall2013211_zps74286104.jpg  photo Fall2013206_zps4436ff41.jpg  photo Fall2013228_zpse1e1dcf2.jpg  photo Fall2013239_zpse51e8f68.jpg  photo Fall2013243_zps3b6b235d.jpg  photo Fall2013235_zps082815e0.jpg  photo Fall2013185_zpsebd55685.jpg  photo Fall2013183_zpsadc3f0ce.jpg   photo Fall2013259_zps06b1235b.jpg  photo Fall2013261_zps3c1954c5.jpg  photo Fall2013265_zps03bf7cfb.jpg  photo Fall2013217_zps68688303.jpg
Such a gorgeous bride.  A woman after my own heart! All of the DIY, touched by her loving hands. 

:: And more autumnal glory because, my, it's already mid-October y'all.
 photo Fall2013289_zps7209d275.jpg  photo Fall2013337_zpscc8999b4.jpg  photo Fall2013333_zps35f00198.jpg  photo Fall2013323_zps0e5705c6.jpg  photo Fall2013317_zps9d27430f.jpg  photo Fall2013308_zpsf5e082ae.jpg  photo Fall2013325_zpsb2e08114.jpg
One of the many reasons a certain little miss will be putting on a monarch butterfly costume here in a few weeks. 

Waiting with Wonder,