Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Bits to Love


Life, life, life, life, life (shaking my head here).

Exciting things in store for our family. Loads of work to accomplish in the meantime. And so I take a minute to remember, to put down the to-do list. In the midst of busy and losing my mind, there are always little bits to love.

My bits uploaded from the last month or so.
Catching her totally taken by words and pictures and the potential of her creativity.
A certain preschooler has learned to wield a pair of scissors and the results are everywhere. She glued her creations, at first, on stapled together pages and then in ninety-four cent composition books. The folks at "American Girl" must have found out our household demographics, so they sent us a catalog. Just the other day Hope discovered it. Initially she wanted an actual doll and we talked about the possibility of that someday. Then she had a better idea, and she and Madds stayed up for hours cutting out all their favorites. They could be heard late into the night having more fun than if I'd flown them to New York for tea and the works.

Love that.
Dress up days.

Kites in the park on a Spring day with dear friends. Sacred. Gathering with another Mama almost every Friday to pray for our children. Truly sacred.
The return of flowers in our hair, picnics on the ground, bubbles.

Oh and sundresses, sandals. I do so love little girls in the summertime. I just know this recent cold snap is on its way back out???
Alysse at 10 months... inch-worming and crawling, babbling, pulling up. Getting big so fast.
Maddie's sense of humor, even when she doesn't mean to be funny.
M: Mom, this is heavy. I can't carry it up the stairs.
Me: Honey, I don't think it's too heavy.
M: It's three heavy then!

Completing a Daniel Fast. Learning a lot about food, about temptation, about missing my morning coffee, about accountability and encouragement.

Beautiful grins. On this night it was over eating a little couscous, but it's often just because you catch her eye or say her name.
Family nights. The great joy in the simple things after someone first realizes that it's Friday, sweet Friday.
There's more, but that part of our story will come in time. Tonight I just wanted a tiny bit extra to love on this neglected little space.

And I'm grateful that it turned out to be a lot.