Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bits: Simple Gifts

In preparation for our annual Operation Christmas Child packing party, I loaded a video from Samaritan's Purse that had the phrase "simple gifts" in the title.  We watched as thrilled little boys and girls from so many different nations opened shoe boxes filled with small gifts, simple gifts.  All with a simple, but profound message.

Jesus loves you.

And, you know, I think that's how it is with the bits I record in this space.  Each time I unwrap a small moment, simply captured I can hear the same profound whisper.

Jesus loves me.

Now I've lived long enough and experienced enough life to know that Jesus isn't just in the happy, the ship shape, the perfect.

His glory lives in smushed peanut butter and jelly between the van seats, heart wrenching doctor reports, teaching little girls that life really is better if we all just get along, and stretched bank accounts.

Life will hold suffering.
Life will hold triumph.


Jesus loves us all.
Some simple gifts...

:: I never tire of stumbling upon my girls engrossed in books.
 photo Fall2013498_zpsaa0d4d49.jpg  photo Fall2013494_zps26ec7dc1.jpg
Sister has reached that stage where she is very into her wardrobe choices. Which explains why she is either naked or in yet another outfit approximately 3/4 of the day.

:: Speaking of stories, this is our favorite reset button.  Books on CD in the van as we drive around until we find a good and scenic place to park.  If I can scrounge the change, we throw in a tall warm Butterscotch Toffee- a little bit of cream and sugar- and three tiny cups of free animal crackers from the local coffee drive-thru.  We have cried and laughed our way through CD after CD checked out from the library down the street.
 photo Fall2013501_zps0593f2a2.jpg
:: A refueling mid-afternoon treat that's healthy enough to serve for breakfast.
 photo Fall2013493_zpsac93ace8.jpg
2 ripe mashed bananas, 1 cup of oats (steel cut or regular), and 1/4 cup of peanut butter {raisins and/or chocolate chips never hurt either}mixed together and dropped by rounded spoonfuls onto a greased baking sheet for about 12 minutes at 350. Note: Add a little flour if the batter is too runny.

:: We took Daddy camping for his birthday.  My camera petered out on me moments after we arrived, but I have so many fond memories to spill out.  My girls playing "Little House on the Prairie" inside a small and rustic log home found at the campground park.  Chilly s'mores, Apples to Apples, and songs by the campfire with friends who drove two hours round-trip just to help us celebrate.  Alysse experiencing mild claustrophobia from her new mummy bag, so my finally tucking her in with me-- my other two, old pros, and barely moving once snuggled down. Mile and a half hikes up to some of the tallest waterfalls in the country.  Whiny miniature hikers toward the end, optionally remembered.:)  Sunday afternoon naps, traditional once-a-year Daddy birthday fare (marinated steaks, loaded baked potatoes, and green beans-- with cold root beers straight out of the bottles) and coconut vanilla cake with other good friends late in the evening. I think he had a happy weekend, and that makes me so... happy.
 photo Fall2013488_zps429fb560.jpg  photo Fall2013489_zps467496e1.jpg  photo Fall2013490_zpse3d63423.jpg
:: Friday morning centers allowing me a hot shower before another full November weekend.  Or at least allowing me the hot shower until someone accidentally rearranged Alysse's tangram butterfly creation.
 photo Fall2013495_zpse73ea9ae.jpg  photo Fall2013499_zpsab6973b0.jpg
Everyone might learn better in a white fairy gown and some Minnie Mouse heels from time to time, I think.

:: And that packing party that helped me to remember the gift of it all.
 photo Fall2013491_zpse663ae1c.jpg  photo Fall2013492_zps896e9167.jpg
Playing Christmas music and wearing last year's Christmas jammies, not optional whatsoever.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bits: Sweet Spots

This is quite possibly one of the greatest surprises of motherhood.

These sweet spots.
 photo Fall2013367_zps858b7d18.jpg
After mornings of spilled cheerios and incessant squabbles, my grumpiness growing-- it seems-- by the moment.  After afternoons of chasing littles and their scooters up and down sidewalks, scraped knees abundant, my half contemplating putting them to bed at 3 pm.  After the worn edges of evening, waiting on Daddy who's working late, and their picking at dinner like a blown out of proportion dagger to my heart. 

After these things, come sweet spots.

Instant renewal found by the slip of a final chubby hand in mine, her two sisters having already stretched their fingers into the slender form of little girls.  A shared book, everyone scrambling for my lap or the crook of my arm, and all of us lost in some other world for a good half hour or more.  The shouting of, "It's Surprise Day!"  {Code for, "I don't have a clue where we're going.")  Meandering all over town, shouts from the backseat guessing our every destination.  Shared Chicken Minis, hashbrowns, melon for breakfast.  A trip to the Children's Museum on our annual membership and smoothies to refuel us.  Last stop: The fun used bookstore up the road where we score practically the whole Laura Ingalls' collection for $12.50.

The sweet murmurings and happy contentment found in lovely surprises and the beautiful mundane, all of us often gathered around the worn wood dining room table sharing life every single day.  All of us spread between two bunks and a daybed whispering prayers, Alysse curled up next to me.  Daddy taking turns rubbing Hope's feet, then Maddie's back.  The quiet that follows in the house that has been bursting with life and energy the whole live long day.

I am grateful for the sometimes struggle because it turns up the volume on sweet.  And, I find, the more I get in tune with sweetness of this time together the less often we struggle.  There is something so powerful in looking for good, even when it's hard.

So thankful for the spots Fall, in particular, offers us.

It really is something pretty special.

::"What does Alysse do when you homeschool?"  I've been asked this a time or seven.  She joins in, sometimes when I don't even realize it, evidenced by the fact that she told her Sunday School teacher that there were cumulus clouds in the sky last Sunday.  Or that she told me her lunch was in her digestive system the other day.  But often, she just slips off and I find her mulling over her collection of treasures-- leaves, rocks, flowers, and grasses.  Sometimes I find her a little something like this.
 photo Fall2013402_zps2af0529f.jpg
Occassionally she also gives her five year-old sister a hair massacre cut.  Oy.  At least I can boast that I offer career training around here.

::I love when communities come together.  We were very intentional about our neighborhood, wanting the chance to impact and be impacted.  So when a church up the street opened its doors for a neighborhood fall festival, filled with so many different kinds of people each with their own stories-- we feel privileged to be there.
 photo Fall2013363_zps6a5f97c4.jpg  photo Fall2013359_zpsb9b1c777.jpg  photo Fall2013400_zps34c68f85.jpg
Mary Poppins even carried her umbrella high above her head the whole way, much to the delight of passersby.

:: One day I will be so sad when I do not find Noah's wife in my silverware drawer or a cowboy doll in my make up bag.
  photo Fall2013399_zpsfc5ec7a5.jpg
:: Halloween.  I am not even trying to be politically correct anymore.  I love this holiday.  We aren't into scary, never have been.  But what a sweet spot for building community, doors flung open wide.  Introductions to neighbors we might not otherwise meet.  Giggles and pretend, chili cook-offs at church and silly photo booths and bounce houses and face painting. Such a good, good day.
 photo Fall2013418_zps0fd06cc0.jpg  photo Fall2013406_zps4f3277b0.jpg  photo Fall2013421_zps35254efd.jpg  photo Fall2013431_zps014c1231.jpg  photo Fall2013435_zps0b3e2e69.jpg
:: Watching our TN Volunteers lose again?  Not so lovely.  Save the snacks and being able to stream it live off Joe's computer (plus the girls' hollering, "Come on TN!!")-- football season being the only real time we wish we had cable.
 photo Fall2013395_zps1ffdbf12.jpg
:: Carnival stuffed animal prizes fueling a request for a lunch-time tea cold apple cider party.

  photo Fall2013442_zpsd585b9dd.jpg  photo Fall2013441_zpsc10ba247.jpg  photo Fall2013440_zps07869347.jpg
::How our mornings at home frequently begin, slowly, like a warm cup of coffee's embrace.
 photo Fall2013365_zpse11cef95.jpg
You with us, Leesie? Almost.

:: Mom and Pop farms?  Good stuff and the perfect finale to the end of October.
 photo Fall2013481_zps84253306.jpg  photo Fall2013475_zps4392e4dc.jpg  photo Fall2013471_zps1ad81265.jpg  photo Fall2013446_zps5f9011cf.jpg  photo Fall2013455_zps8c3e6912.jpg
::These afternoons, some of the best in my life.
 photo Fall2013369_zpscc3b7a88.jpg