Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bits of Seven

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She's now seven, and I just love her at this age.  Sure, she can still have her stubborn moments-- but I am seeing this quality pay dividends.  Recently one of her sisters gave in to peer pressure which gave all of us a big, important teachable moment.  But this happy dancing, snow loving girl on the far left.
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This girl knew what was right and stuck to her guns.  Shot down the wrong and chose the good thing, the right thing. I am so very proud, even though I know that she and I are sure to have our teachable moments ahead.

In addition to this quality (which happens to be, as I am sure it is no surprise, one that I also possess), she is persistent about the things that matter to her.  She is also a giver, tender-hearted, a justice seeker.  She was given art classes as her birthday gift from Daddy and I, which is so fitting for our creative eldest.  She can create something out of just about anything, and we love to watch her go.  She is almost always up for a good laugh, just like her Daddy (I mean, you should have seen him pretending not to be able to break the pinata at her party... the kids were dying!) She is a voracious reader and writer and has her own sense of style-- which, quite often, prefers function over form.

While many girls her age are adorably enamored with princesses and the like, Hope continues to crave adventure and excitement and a well thought out plot.  Sure she likes her share of wonderfully feminine things, but she has a diverse collection of interests.  From astronauts to cartoon artists, watercolors to Razor scooters, soccer to ballet and tap, Mary Poppins to Peter Pan.

Which brings us to her chosen birthday party theme.  We had the best time in Never Land, probably one of my favorite friend parties she and I have ever thrown.
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We followed a map from the dressing area...
 photo HopesSeventhBirthday001_zpse54901da.jpg  photo HopesSeventhBirthday008_zps8ddbcd1e.jpg  photo HopesSeventhBirthday005_zpsfd60a6e9.jpg  photo HopesSeventhBirthday010_zpsb57fdfee.jpg
Through the Darling's Nursery...
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Up the pixie dust sprinkled stairs and into the Neverland Pizzeria, where a bunch of pizzas were found hiding in a big wicker chest.  The "x" marked the spot, or in this case an "x" by way of positioned pepperonis!
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While the kiddos played in their costumes, watched "Peter Pan," and munched on pizza and carrots and Pirate's Booty-- with homemade cake and ice-cream eaten to the last drops-- the adults hung around the big crockpot of chili with fun fixins, a basket of corn muffins, and a few pots of steaming coffee.  I loved the cheerful buzz and laughter coming from spots all over our home.

It was a time full of happy thoughts indeed.

Dearest Hope Eliana,

On the day of your actual birth-- "Hope Day" as we like to call it-- you disappeared into your bedroom.  Shortly after you came out all dressed for church in a new, gray sweater dress from Auntie Karen and crew.  You had pulled a feather and rhinestone headband from Ms. Carol over your hair and placed Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss from Auntie Marcie on your lips.  Some tights and your Christmas cowboy boots completed the look.  In that moment, with thoughtful and shy pride on your face, you did indeed look seven.

You are still in love with your Kaya American Girl Doll, and I think she represents you too.  She is full of courage, adventure, and love for family.  She is always growing, learning from her mistakes and thinking about things deeply.  Every night you ask me to bundle her in your owl fleece blanket right beside you.  You ask for two "kissing hands" and a kiss upon each of your cheeks.  You are seven, but you are also still my little girl.

This past year held a lot of big moments and many, many beautifully ordinary ones.  I love teaching you and introducing you to others who inspire you to become the young lady I see you growing into.  We are a lot alike you and I, which sometimes can drive us both a little batty, but mostly-- well mostly, it gives us this special connection that I love with all of my heart.
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You make us proud, big girl.  We wouldn't wish for you to "never grow up," but how about we slow the next year down some-- okay?

We love you so.
Mama for Daddy too

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